The Wedgie is the most aerodynamic, lightest and convenient way to carry your water bottle, tools, spare tube and C02 cartridges


The Competitive Advantage:

The Wedgie is designed and positioned to decrease drag, it will save a cyclist an average of 14.4 Watts to 17.7 Watts (at a Yaw angle of 10 degrees) over the typical race set-up and will save weight.

Less weight and less drag means more speed!

Download wind tunnel test results (for the number crunchers who like to see the data)


The Advantages:

Aerodynamic Design

- Allows triathletes to cycle faster, expending less energy
- Allows triathletes to conserve energy for the run
- Faster top end speed

Simple, Lift & Drink

- No long straws to clean
- No swallowing of air due to sucking on a straw

Use Standard Water Bottles

- Pick up water during the race rather than carry a full supply
- No loss of speed from trying to ride and refill another hydration system

Better Bike Handling

- Lowers the centre of gravity; with tools, spare tube and CO2 cartridges mounted low on the bike

Integrated Tool Box

- Superior aerodynamics: Box is in the wind shadow of the bike’s down tube
- Weight savings: Eliminates the need for a separate tool mounting system

Fast Access

- No fumbling around with “behind the saddle” tool bags and zippers
- Faster Triathlon Transitions: since nothing is mounted to the saddle, triathletes can secure their bicycle to the bike rack using the bike’s saddle rather than the handlebars

Universal Fit

- Since the Wedgie is mounted to the bicycle independent of bicycle’s water bottle holder “bosses” or “braze on” (the threaded mounting holes on either the down tube or seat tube), the Wedgie will fit on all adult bicycle frames.

No Rust or Corrosion

- The Wedgie is made from carbon fiber and plastic, there are no metal parts.  Cyclists don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion caused by sport drinks, sweat or water.


- Carbon fiber is substantially lighter than metal, approximately five times stronger than steel, twice as stiff and does not suffer from fatigue

Less Weight

- The Wedgie weighs 164 grams (or less depending on setup). On average, a water bottle holder weighs 150 grams and a small tool bag weighs 400 grams. The Wedgie will save you 386 grams or .85 of a pound.

How It Works

The Wedgie is mounted in the lower triangle of the bike frame above the bottom bracket. Watch the video on How to Install a Wedgie.

- One side of the Wedgie attaches to the cyclist’s bike frame using auto industry medium strength double sided tape.
- The other side is attached to the mounted side of the Wedgie and is held in place at each corner by flexible rubber tabs.
- Because of the flexible rubber tabs, the Wedgie can adjust to the width of any cyclist’s bicycle tubes.

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The Wedgie is $99.95 and comes with a 2 year warranty. I want a Wedgie! (Doesn’t that sound more fun than “Buy Now”)